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Peridot Bloom was born from the collaborating minds of two sleep-deprived Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) looking to find meaning beyond the walls of a labor and delivery unit. As CNMs we have touched the lives of thousands of women in our work providing patient-centered women’s healthcare. We founded Peridot Bloom amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, as we worked many sleepless nights caring for pregnant and laboring women. 

Our Story: Two Saras, One Mission

Our story begins on a labor and delivery unit where we first met in 2017. Our lives have been connected personally and professionally ever since. Midwife means “with woman,” and our friendship has been defined by the conviction to stand with women facing fear, pain, joy, and agonizing heart break. We forged a deeper bond when Sara G. delivered Sara P.’s first-born child. Our bond has been even more solidified by supporting each other through personal tragedies, mental health struggles, and joys of everyday life.

Now more than ever, women’s health is at the forefront. We are dedicated to caring for women: listening to women, empowering women and serving women. Peridot Bloom is a platform for this commitment. We want to contribute to normalizing the discussions surrounding women’s health and sexuality. We will continue to fight to protect women’s rights and to break the socioeconomic and racial disparities that negatively impact a woman’s ability to be healthy and live her best life.

So because we are doing this for YOU let us know what you would like to see next from us and how we can help support you on your journey.

Sara Posdzich, CNM and Sara Gorham, WHNP, CNM

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